Roger Federer Leads Highest-Paid in Tennis

Roger Federer

Roger Federer lead the Forbes list for highest-paid in tennis this year with $67 million—$9 million from prize money and $58 million from endorsements. This may seem a bit shocking in 2015, as Federer had hit a rough patch in 2013, when he ranked at number seven overall in the sport. The long-time champion broke many hearts (including his own) with his performance that year.

Still, in 2014, he managed to climb his way out of the hole into the number two spot. In addition to that, the 34 year old is still a record holder for most singles and prize money. He has 17 Grand Slam wins and won about $90 million in prize money though out his career.

As if those stats weren’t impressive enough on their own, he turned pro 17 years ago. That means he’s done all this non-stop. Can we blame him for losing a little momentum? Nobody can stay number one their entire career.

His unparalleled record history has made him one of the best-selling in the sport, with endorsements from Nike, Credit Suisse and Rolex. Federer is in good company, of course. The top five highest paid in the sport include Novak Djkovic at number two with $48.2 million, Rafael Nadal at number three with $32.5 million, Maria Sharapova at number four with $29.7 million and Serena Williams at $24.6 million.