Cuoco-Sweeting Tops Highest-Paid Television Actresses for the First Time

Highest-Paid Television Actresses 2015

Television stars have really come up in recents years in the earnings department. This leaves little surprise when it comes to the highest-paid television actresses of 2015. This year’s list features one major change from the previous year: a tie on top. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting has tied Sophia Vergara for the first time ever.

Vergara has been the dominating leader on the Forbes highest-paid television actresses list for four years now. So how much did the leading ladies bring in? Each earned an impressive $28.5 million before taxes. The payday is consistent with the success of both performances and television shows. Modern Family (Vergara) and The Big Bang Theory (Cuoco-Sweeting) have dominated awards shows for years—almost to the point of criticism. The shows are that loved.

Still, a popular show doesn’t automatically put somebody on top. Modern Family star Julie Bowden came in at number three with $12 million—less than half of her costar. This is likely due to the long list of endorsements Vergara carries, including Covergirl and Head and Shoulders. She’s been on a host of blue chip brand commercials and has managed screen time on feature films.

Vergara and Cuoco-Sweeting weren’t the only ties. In case you missed it, the rest of the top ten is below.

4) Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy ($11.5 million)

5)  Mariska Hargitay of Law and Order SVU ($11 million)

6) and 7) Juliana Margulies of The Good Wife ($10.5 million) and Amy Poehler of Parks and Recreation ($10.5 million)

8) Mindy Kaling of The Mindy Project ($9 million)

9) and 10) Kerry Washington of Scandal ($7 million) and  Patricia Heaton of The Middle ($7 million)