The Top Three Highest Paid in Hip-Hop 2015

Highest Paid in Hip-Hop 2015

This year’s Cash Kings chapter comes with a semi big surprise: Dr. Dre isn’t on top! This is largely due to the fact that he’d just sold Beats last time, which earned him a whopping $620 million. Dre was number four this year at $33 million and has other records under his belt, like being one of the inspirations for, and executive producer of, the box office-breaking biopic Straight Outta Compton.

Still, with the epic sale of Beats behind him, another rose to the top. (Oddly enough, it’s also because of his business ventures.) Diddy rules the highest paid in hip-hop 2015 list with $60 million. He almost never performs these days, although he is wrapping up a new album. Diddy made his impressive income from his clothing line, TV network Revolt, Aquahydrate water and his vodka Ciroc.

Similarly, the number two slot belongs to a hip hop mogul more than an act per se. Jay Z came in runner up with $56 million. In all fairness, the well-known rapper turned businessman played 22 shows with Beyonce. He has also impressive ventures like the entertainment company Roc Nation and Armand de Brignac champage. He recently launched a new music streaming service called Tidal, but the verdict is still out on its success.

Number three is arguably number one for some. Drake earned $39.5 million. Unlike his peers, his big paycheck was almost entirely a result of his music career. He played 50 shows during the Forbes scoring period and they estimated that each show grossed almost $1 million dollars. Couple his popular tour with his record If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and blue chip endorsements, and you got yourself the youngest rapper on top of the highest paid in hip-hop list.