California Dreaming: These Billionaires Rule the Forbes 100 in Tech

Richest in Tech | California

Put on your sunglasses and get ready to make some serious cash—in tech, that is. Forbes recently released a list showcasing the 100 richest people in tech. A strange thing happened when they compiled the list: 40% of its members were based in California.

That means that if you live in America and want to get into the tech game, odds are you want to start there. To take it even further, of the top ten richest Californians in tech, nine are based in the Bay Area. Silicon Valley’s prowess is alive and well. Here are the top ten richest tech Californians.

1. Oracle powerhouse Larry Ellison comes in at number one with an astounding $50 billion net worth.

2. Facebook’s famous Mark Zuckerberg has a sizable net worth of $41.2 billion, making him cozy at number two.

3. Google’s Larry Page has a whopping $33.4 billion net worth, closing out the top three richest tech Californians strong.

4. Larry’s counterpart, Sergey Brin, comes in just under his business partner with $33 billion.

5. Laurene Powell Jobs carries on the Jobs legacy with a $21.4 billion net worth.

6. Tesla’s Elon Musk clocks in at $13.9 billion.

7. Google’s Eric Schmidt comes in at $9.9 billion.

8. Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz lands $9.6 billion.

9. New kid on the block Jan Koum (WhatsApp) has a $7.9 billion networth.

10. David Duffield, among the lesser known names, closes out the top ten with $6.9 billion.