Presidential Candidates Who Are Raising the Most Funds

Presidential Candidates Most Funds Raised

According to Forbes, there is a fairly wide gap between the top three money makers running for president and the rest of the group. Additionally, of the top 15 candidates, only three are democrats but that’s a whole different story). Not surprisingly, the political dynasties lead the pack. Jeb Bush has raised $114.4 million as of June 2015. Meanwhile, Hilary Clinton comes in second with $63.1 million.

Third and fourth on the list are Ted Cruz ($52.3 million) and Marco Rubio ($40.7 million). From there on, the gap widens considerably, with the fifth highest raiser not even cracking $20 million (Rick Perry, $17.9 million).

One of the more interesting parts of the list is that businessman Donald Trump is at the bottom with under $2 million raised. The controversial candidate is polling at number two in the republican race. Apparently, he has stood by his claims that he has plenty of money and won’t need much to run.

The full list of the top 15 is below. Do these surprise you? Or does it look like what you’d expect?

Jeb Bush – $114.4m

Hillary Clinton – $63.1m

Ted Cruz –  $52.3m

Marco Rubio – $40.7m

Rick Perry – $17.9m

Bernie Sanders – $15.2m

John Kasich – $11.5m

Ben Carson – $10.6m

Mike Huckabee – $8.0m

Rand Paul – $6.9m

Carly Fiorina – $5.1m

Lindsey Graham – $3.7m

Martin O’Malley – $2.0m

Donald Trump – $1.9m

Rick Santorum – $0.6m