Forbes Launches Highest Earning Radio Hosts

Who knew being a radio personality could be so profitable? Forbes announced its highest earning radio hosts list to surprised reactions. Here are the top three.

1) Howard Stern – $95 million

Howard Stern Highest EarningFew television starts have brands as strong as radio’s favorite against-the-grain personality. From ruling late night radio in the 90s and even starring in a cult film (Private Parts), Stern isn’t just a disc jockey. He is currently in the middle of a eight figure contract struggle with Sirius XM Radio. Additionally, he’s been co-hosting America’s Got Talent for more than three years.

2) Rush Limbaugh – $77 million

Rush Limbaugh Highest EarningConservatives love that he exists and liberals love to hate him. No matter where your views fall, his in-your-face personal politics and social commentary has raked in about $63.8 million in radio earnings alone. He’s also the author of a children’s book series. The books center around a time-traveling character named Rush Revere.

3) Ryan Seacrest – $65 million

Ryan Seacrest Highest EarningHow did one guy turn a reality show hosting gig into a mini empire? Only Ryan Seacrest knows. He’s amassed quite the name for himself over the last 15 seasons of American Idol. While the show is set to end, we haven’t heard the last of him. He brings in about $30 million from his radio show and an estimated $20 million from a mix of specials and brand endorsements.