John Paulson

American hedge fund manager and billionaire John Paulson is best known for accurately predicting the real estate collapse of 2007. As the head of Paulson & Co., a New York-based investment management company, he’s made his hedge funds more than $15 billion by being able to bet against the capability of subprime mortgage lending and mortgage-backed securities.

Paulson also took a perfectly timed bet that large banks would survive the financial crisis and that the price of gold would reach a new high. He has become a major investor of gold trading and is now reaping in the rewards in his personal fortune. He has been referred to as “a man who made one of the biggest fortunes in Wall Street history.” In 2010, he set a hedge fund record by making nearly $5 billion in personal wealth that year.

Paulson is also a well-known philanthropist. He donated $100 million to the Central Park Conservancy in 2012. He gave $15 million to build a children’s hospital in Guayaquil, Ecuador and most recently gave a record $400 million to Harvard to support their school of Engineering.