John Mars

John Franklyn Mars is the current head and chairman of the multi-billion dollar candy company, Mars Incorporated. John and his two siblings, Forrest Jr. and Jacqueline, inherited the company that their grandfather had founded in 1911 after their father died in 1999. Today, John is listed as the 16th richest man in the United States and the 22nd richest in the world.

Mars Inc. is responsible for many household candy names such as M&Ms, Twix, 3 Musketeers, and Snickers. In 2008, the company also acquired the $23 billion gum manufacturer, Wrigley’s Gum. They are also in charge of consumer goods such as Uncle Ben’s Rice and Pedigree dog food.

The Mars family is known for its extreme secrecy. The family-owned business only recently started allowing non-family members to take over upper management roles and duties.