Harold Hamm

Harold Hamm is a self-made American billionaire who made his fortune primarily in the oil and gas industries. The Oklahoma native was the last-born son of sharecroppers and grew up in a one-bedroom home with his parents and twelve siblings. Hamm has once stated “my biggest advantage is that I was born with no advantage.” In 2015, Forbes listed him 96th on their list of world billionaires.

Hamm got his start in the oil industry in the early 1960s when he took a job pumping gas at a local petrol station. He knew that the oil business was booming and that he needed to jump in to the business somehow. He started at the bottom cleaning tanks for a contractor and eventually worked his way up and began to start drilling on undiscovered oil rigs. After he made a small fortune, he decided to go back to school and earn a degree in Geology. Hamm became CEO of the Shell Deal Oil Company in 1967, which is now the billion-dollar company known as Continental Resources.

Hamm made headlines after he divorced his second wife, Su Ann, when a judge found that Harold should pay her $1 billion in the settlement.