Hans Rausing

Hans Rausing is the Swedish-born co-inheritor of the food packaging giant, Tetra Pak. He took over as the Managing Director of the company in 1958 when he was just 28 years old and later took over as Chairman of the Board in 1985. Forbes lists him as 92nd richest man in the world and the 2nd richest man in Sweden.

Hans moved from Sweden to England in order to avoid punitive taxes and currently resides on a 900-acre estate in East Sussex. He also owns homes in London and Barbados, as well as land in New Zealand. The 6’8” billionaire is also a collector of vintage cars and is a supporter of the research and training of disappearing languages. Hans Rausing has been appointed by Lund University as Doctor Honoris Causa in Medicine and Economics.

Hans is married with three children. His son, Hans-Kristian, is a recovering drug addict whose late wife died of a cocaine and heroin overdose in 2012.