Yan Bin

Yan Bin is a Chinese-Thai billionaire who is one of the wealthiest residents in Bejing with an estimated net worth of $2 billion as of April 2015.  Bin founded the trading company Reignwood Group in 1984. His company established themselves in basic trading and contracting, along with work in tourism and real estate.  It was in 1995, when Yan expanded his operations to China. Bin lead his company to become a worldwide organization.  Reignwood has offshoots in Canada, Singapore The United States, The United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland.

Bin amassed a personal fortune of $8.17 billion, gained mostly through his position as the chairman and rights holder of Red Bull Energy Drink. He has since sold his rights to Red Bull but still has enterprises in four industrial sectors that cover consumer goods (functional drinks), modern service industries, sports, art and culture and financial services and investments