Sean Parker

Sean Parker is an American billionaire and entrepreneur born in 1979. As of March 2015, Parker’s net worth was estimated to be $2.7 billion. Parker co-founded the infamous file-sharing company Napster. A few months after Parker met with Mark Zuckerberg he joined the five-month-old company as its founding president. He was also cofounder of Plaxo, Airtime, and Causes. Causes is a charitable organization that utilizes social media to connect with donors and activists. Those individuals’ social networks are then used to connect to even more people. It was orginally launched through Facebook and today runs as its own entity.

Ninety million people had become participants in the program as of 2010, and their donations had reached an amazing $27 million. raises more than $20,000 a day for various charitable causes. Causes isn’t Parker’s only charitable venture. He’s well-known for his involvement in philanthropy. He’s involved in anti-malaria activism, clean water initiatives, cancer research, and the legalization of marijuana. An outspoken philanthropist, Parker openly supports raising taxes for wealthy tax payers.