Richard Kinder

Richard Kinder is an American businessman. He is currently the CEO and chairman the Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, a Houston, Texas-based subsidiary of Kinder Morgan, Inc. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners owns and/or operates numerous energy-producing or stage facilities, petroleum pipelines and more.

Kinder began as an investor in real estate and a lawyer after receiving his B.A, in 1966 and J.D. in 1968, from the University of Missouri. He eventually joined the Enron Corporation, and from 1990 to December 1996, he served as its President and COO.  He left before the later scandals that would end the company. Kinder Morgan hired many of the workers from Enron, including the initial whistleblower.

Kinder is currently listed as the richest man in Houston, with a net worth of $11 billion. He is the 41st richest American citizen.