Mark Zuckerberg

Being named Person of the Year in 2010 by Time magazine and qualifying as one of the world’s 100 most influential people several years in a row has made Mark Zuckerberg one of the most recognizable faces on the List of Billionaires. As one of the five Harvard undergrad students who co-founded Facebook, Zuckerberg first became a billionaire at the ripe age of 23. His personal wealth, as of March 2015, is estimated to be $35.1 billion.

Facebook, which was launched from within the Harvard dormitories, was originally only made available to students on college campuses in America. The group moved the company from the East Coast to Palo Alto, California where they opened the site to the public. Facebook quickly became one the most powerful international social media tools and in 2012, only eight years after it’s establishment, the number of users exceeded one billion.

Zuckerberg was involved in legal controversy when some of the original founders questioned their shares of the company based on the belief that they were more involved in the Facebook launch than reflected. This sensitive topic was visited in the 2010 film, The Social Network; Hollywood’s version of the start of the company and the negative feelings ensued between its founders. The film received Oscar accolades for it’s editing and featured some of Hollywood’s most well-known stars, including Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield.

In 2010, Zuckerberg, along with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, signed the “Giving Pledge” promising to give away at least half of his fortune to charity. Zuckerberg is married to Priscilla Chan, a fellow Harvard alum. She is pursuing a career as a pediatrician. The two live in Palo Alto and recently made the news by paying millions more than the estimated price for several houses in an attempt to protect their privacy.