Larry Page

Perhaps one of the billionaires in the List of Billionaires with the greatest potential to become the first trillionaire in the world, Larry Page is a dynamic individual. His net worth would be increasing from salary, except that he is only paid a single dollar annually for being the CEO and founder of Google. As of July 2014, the Bloomberg Billionaires Index lists Page as the 17th richest man in the world, with an estimated net worth of $32.7 billion.

Born and raised in Michigan by parents, both of whom were computer science professors at Michigan State University, Larry Page eventually graduated from the University of Michigan before attending Stanford for his Ph.D. It was during his studies for a Ph.D. that Page formulated the ideas and software that would lead to the founding of Google, Inc. in 1998.

Between 1998 and the present day, Google has become synonymous with searching the Internet, surpassing its competition by a wide margin. The term Google has even become a part of the English lexicon as a verb in much the same way that other brands, like Xerox and Kleenex have become a common name for the products or services they provide.

In 2011, Page became the CEO of Google as previous CEO, Eric Schmidt, moved into the executive chairman position.

Page is a proponent and investor in renewable energy research and has invested in the Tesla all-electric car company.