David de Rothschild

David Mayer de Rothschild is the youngest heir to the de Rothschild banking fortune in England. At the age of 36, David has an estimated net worth of $10 billion and his family has been said to be the richest family in human history.

De Rothschild has a passion that most David Koch is the richest man living in New York City and is listed #6 on the Forbes list of billionaires. He is the co-owner and executive vice-president of Koch Industrieswould probably not be too familiar. He is an ecologist and environmentalist, who has dedicated his time and wealth to help spread awareness of environmental and social issues. He is a well-known adventurer, having traveled geographic regions all over the world, and was a member of the world record breaking group for crossing the Greenland ice cap fastest.

De Rothschild founded the environmental foundation Sculpt the Future to help educate the people on environmental issues through the use of ecology.