Azim Premji

Azim Premji is one of India’s richest men, with an estimated net worth of $16 billion and has been listed in the top 20 most powerful men in the world by Asiaweek.

He became a technology tycoon when he took over as the head of Wipro following the death of his father in the 1960s. He is largely responsible for the company’s substantial growth and success, causing it to become a software titan in India. Premji has private interests and has picked up shares in e-tailer Myntra, which is the for India.

Azim Premji is not only known for his successes in business, but also for his modesty and generosity. He flies economy class, and drives around in a Toyota Corolla. He has donated a large portion of his fortune to various organizations and has pledged $2 billion to improving education to India.