August von Finck

August von Finck, Jr. gained much of his wealth through inheritance from his family’s fortune. Estimated to be worth $12 billion, von Finck ranks as the 12th richest man in Germany, but currently resides in tax-free Switzerland.

August von Finck’s grandfather, Wilhelm von Finck, founded the private bank, Merck, Finck, & Co, which catered to a private, exclusive clientele of wealthy individuals. August inherited the shares of the bank and later sold them to Barclays Bank and invested the profits in a number of business ventures, which include chemical manufacturing, real estate, and breweries.

Von Finck has four children, all of which serve on the boards of the companies that the family has interest. August von Finck resides in Schloss Weinfelden, a castle in Switzerland, and there is little information known regarding his personal life.