Andrew Beal

The son of a mechanical engineer, Andrew Beal is an American bank and real estate tycoon that made a fortune during the Great Recession. Beal attended Baylor University and Michigan State University where he earned a degree in Mathematics.

He began to build his wealth when he started to invest in properties at the age of 19. When the financial sector blew up in 2008, he began to purchase distressed properties, renovate them, and then sell them for a large profit. He also founded Beal Bank in 1988, which now operates with 37 branch locations. The bank has consistently operated and performed higher than its competitors, leading to its successes throughout the years.

Andrew Beal is a well-known player in the gaming world, winning large sums of money through the game of Poker. He is also a self-taught numbers enthusiast and is considered to be an amateur mathematician. He came up with the Beal Conjecture, which is his hypothesis on Fermat’s Last Theorem and has offered a $1 million reward to anyone that is able to prove or disprove it.