Alexey Kuzmichev

Alexey Kuzmichev is a Russian-born businessman that was listed as the 17th richest man in Russia and the 138th richest man in the world as of 2013 by Forbes Magazine. He made a majority of his extensive fortune by being a founder and controlling owner of the Alfa Group – an investment conglomerate that holds stake in gas, oil, food retail, and telecom.

Kuzmichev is also the Chairman of the A1 Investment Company and sits on the board of directors of ABH Holdings. The Alfa Group indirectly controls 10 percent of the world’s sixth-biggest mobile phone operator VimpelCom and owns Russia’s second biggest retailer, X5.

Along with his many business ventures, Alexey Kuzmichev devotes much of his time to his art interests. In 2002, he founded The Babylon Project, which is a program aimed at the international preservation of ancient treasures in Iraq. Kuzmichev reached out to various governments such as Russia, the U.S., and several others to join the movement to protect the ruins of the ancient city of Babylon.