Alberto Bailleres

From the infinite number of rooms in his mansion or the deck of his 92-meter super yacht, the Mayan Queen IV, Alberto Bailleres controls a multitude of business ventures and a diverse empire throughout Mexico. He is ranked 32nd in the list of World Billionaires and is often listed as the third richest man in Mexico. Albert Bailleres falls on the List of Billionaires because of his extensive number of business interests in mining, finance, trade, insurance, health and music, amongst several others.

Bailleres’ primary venture is acting as Chairman of Grupo Bal, a holding company that controls a wide range of economic subsidiaries, which include

  • Peñoles – a mining company based in Mexico City that stands as the world’s largest producer of silver and bismuth. It also serves as Latin America’s leader in the production of gold, lead, and zinc.
  • Grupo Nacional Provincial – the only insurance company in Mexico that is 100% covered by Mexican capital.
  • El Palacio de Hierro – an upscale Mexican department store chain that holds a number of high-end, reputable international brands.

Mr. Bailleres also serves as Chief Executive Officer and President of several other major Mexican enterprises, such as Grupo Profuturo.  He holds a stake in the world’s largest Coca Cola bottle distribution company FESMA, and also acts as head leader of Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, an elite private university in Mexico City, Mexico that serves as a Ph.D.-granting research university and is often listed as the best undergraduate school in Business, Accounting, and several other fields. At 78, Bailleres continues to actively participate as board member of several different companies.